So You Want To Do Craft Shows...

16 Important Lessons I Learned For Successfully Doing Craft Shows!

A Preview

In this class, I discuss critical choices jewelry designers need to make when doing craft shows.  That means, understanding everything involved, and asking the right questions.

Learn How To...

...Find, Evaluate and Select Craft Shows Right For You

...Set Realistic Goals

...Compute a Simple Break-Even Analysis

...Best to Develop Your Applications and Apply

...Understand How Much Inventory To Bring

...Best Promote and Operate Your Craft Show Business

Doing craft shows is a wonderful experience.  You can make a lot of money. You meet new people. You have new adventures.  And you learn a lot about business and arts and crafts designing.

Lesson 1: Not Every Craft Show Is Alike

Lesson 2: Research All Your Possibilities

Lesson 3: Know Which Craft Shows Are For You, and, Which Are NOT For You

Lesson 4: Set Realistic Goals

Lesson 5: Get Those Applications In Early

Lesson 6: Promote, Promote, Promote

Lesson 7: Set Up For Success

Lesson 8: Bring Enough Inventory To Sell

Lesson 9: Sell Yourself And Your Craft At The Show

Lesson 10: Make A List Of Things To Bring

Lesson 11: Be Prepared To Accept Credit Cards

Lesson 12: Price Things To Sell, Minimize Discounting and Haggling

Lesson 13: Keep Your Money Safe

Lesson 14: Focus Your Strategies For Generating Follow-Up Sales

Lesson 15: Take Care Of Yourself

Lesson 16: Be Nice To Your Neighbors

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