Pricing and Selling Your Jewelry

Learn an Easy-To-Use Pricing Formula and Some Marketing Tips Especially Relevant For Jewelry Designers

A Preview

I discuss why jewelry sells.

I go over different kinds of pricing strategies used by jewelry designers and the jewelry industry.

I present a simple mathematical pricing formula.

I explain the formula, and break it down into little steps.

Then, together, we practice applying the formula and pricing some pieces of jewelry.

At the end of the lesson, I discuss the differences among retail, wholesale and consignment.

I briefly discuss some key business strategies which are very related to pricing.

And I offer some final words of advice.

Lesson 1: Why Jewelry Sells

Lesson 2: Pricing Strategy


Lesson 3b: Practicing the Formula

Lesson 3c: What If? ... Analysis

Lesson 3d: Calculating the Profit

Lesson 4: Retail vs. Wholesale vs. Consignment

Lesson 5: Key Business Strategies Related to Pricing

Lesson 6: Some Final Words Of Adivce

Plus a downloadable handout summarizing this course.

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