1. Preview

1. Preview: Orientation To Beads & Jewelry Findings

Over the years, I have found that beaders and jewelry makers have not necessarily learned how to make the best choices about selecting and using beads, clasps, and other materials. Typically, most people learn by following patterns in magazines or online, or purchasing kits. Here, all the choices have been made for them. So they never really learned the implications what bead works best when, or what clasp, or stringing material, or tool or technique.

This ORIENTATION TO BEADS & JEWELRY FINDINGS Series is presented from what is called the Art & Design Perspective. The focus is on teaching you how to make smart choices when creating jewelry.

These tutorials are not only a presentation of facts and information. They are also an introduction to ideas about design. For the novice, they are a tale of how one begins to learn and to work with beads and make jewelry. And for the experienced jewelry maker, they are a great refresher, presenting a lot of often-randomly-learned concepts in a developmental, cohesive order.

This Series of 18 modules, most around 20 minutes, and totaling a full 5 1/2 hours of introductory materials about all kinds of beads, metals, clasps and stringing materials for the beader and jewelry maker.

These tutorials are meant to be viewed in the order presented, because the information and ideas build upon one another. And while you may not be fully interested in each and every topic, it is worth your while not to skip any section. Everything interrelates.

And one more thing. I also have a 75-page article for you to download about getting started in jewelry making. You have a purpose as a jewelry designer: To merge your voice with form. This covers things you will need to know to find that voice.

  • how to channel your excitement
  • what types of jobs are available for those with jewelry making skills
  • how to develop your passion
  • what you need to learn
  • what tools you will need
  • how to cultivate your practice
  • how to define a level of success right for you
  • what it takes to achieve that level of success


  1. Preview
  2. Why You Need This Orientation
  3. Brief History About How Beads Are Used
  4. Glass Beads
  5. Lampwork Beads
  6. Crystal Beads
  7. Seed and Cylinder Beads
  8. Metals and Metal Beads
  9. An Introduction To Clasps
  10. Stringing Materials
  11. Tools
  12. Adhesives
  13. Types of Beading and Jewelry Making
  14. Three Different Teaching Approaches
  15. Managing "Support Systems" and Potential Areas of Weakness
  16. Choosing and Using Clasps
  17. (a) Choosing and Using Other Jewelry Findings: Preparers

17. (b) Choosing and Using Other Jewelry Findings; Controllers and Adapters

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