This Autumn's End Bracelet is made up of a series of components. Each component is made using different bead weaving stitches.

Tubular Base
An Ndebele tube stitched with size 11/0 seed beads.

Large Flower
This flower consists, first, of a webbing structured with 8 spokes, formed by increases within an Ndebele stitch. This webbing is shaped a bit. Next, we surround this shaped webbing with 8 leaves made with the St. Petersburg stitch. Under these leaves are 4 brick-stitched sepal leaves. Through the center of the flower is a tubular Ndebele stitched stamen. The large flower is attached to one end of our Tubular Base.

Small Flower
This flower begins with a shaped, Ndebele-stitched webbing, similar to but smaller than the large flower. A tubular peyote bezel holds an Austrian crystal rhinestone in place within its center. Rather than leaves and sepal leaves, this flower's base is embellished with 3x11mm and 5x16mm daggers. The small flower is attached to the other end of our tubular base, after we have insderted the armature.

A lead-free piece of plumber's solder is inserted and secured within our Tubular Base.

The outside of our tubular base is embellished with a right angle weave vine. To our strip of right angle weave, we add some decorated daisy flowers. We attach the vine to spiral around our tube.


In the Autumn's End Braceletproject...

LearnToBead Goals:
- Combining bead weaving stitches to give your beadwork dimensionality and a sculptural profile
- Experimenting with color and color blending to achieve abstract or natural looking results
- Discussion about using armatures in beadwork
- Using plumbers' solder as an armature, flexible enough to allow bending and re-bending


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